Curried Tofu Over Rice

Curried Tofu Over Rice! It’s so nice! Easy and fast, bachelor style with the. The National Animal Rights Day – North America which is Sunday, June 4th! NARD founder Aylam Orian leads the cooking crew! #NARD #LunchBreakLIVE#JaneUnChained #Vegan – Help us help animals at:

RECIPE:   Curried Tofu Over Rice


1 onion, chopped

1 lb crimini mushrooms, chopped

Frozen peas

1 block extra firm tofu, cubed

2 Tbsp organic soy creamer

12 oz Curry Simmer Sauce

Pinch salt

Frozen Rice Medley or plain brown rice


  1. Sauté onions and mushrooms.
  2. When onions are translucent and mushrooms shrink down, add tofu, peas and curry summer sauce and salt
  3. Simmer for 6 min covered with lid
  4. Heat rice in the microwave
  5. Serve curried tofu and veggies over rice in bowls and enjoy.