Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Inspirational Journey: Fighting for Animals

AR2017 JVM moderating auction with Chelsea Davis?

Jane Velez-Mitchell of JaneUnChained.com is speaking  at the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)‘s Animal Rights 2017 National Conference discussing how certain childhood events led her to dedicate her life to making the world a bettter place for animals. #JaneUnChained #AR2017#DOGSofAR #SAVINGANIMALS

Jane with SBux Cup (apply to be a reporter)

Jane Velez-Mitchell at the JaneUnChained booth at the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)’s 2017 National Conference

AR2017 JVM at JaneUnChained Booth

Jane Velez-Mitchell by the JaneUnChained booth at the Animal Rights 2017 National Conference

AR 2017 Auction with Mic etc

Jane Velez-Mitchell Moderating the Auction to Raise Money for the Farm Animal Rights Movement’s Organization.

AR 2017 JVM Auction with Pig Portrait

Jane Velez-Mitchell using her strong voice for animals to inspire those attending the auction to make a significant contribution.