Activists Crash Supermarket With Silence Speaks Volumes!


‘That Vegan Couple’ joins activists as they stage a disruption in the meat section of a supermarket to raise awareness. Their mantra? Killing and eating animals is not food, it’s violence! Their mouths are covered with duct tape to represent all the animals who are suffering in silence. The red roses evoke a funeral for the billions of forgotten animals who have suffered and died in the name of “food”. We welcome representatives from any supermarket that sells animal products on #JaneUnChained any time to share their side. Dani Rukin reporting LIVE for janeunchainedcom.ehtimetest.net1bfd5908-929e-4c68-bbec-e13dbc7faae5

‘Humane-washing’ is a growing trend to appeal to customer’s innate compassion for animals.