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JaneUnChained.com profiles vegan activists and celebrities and reports on animal rights news, issues, organizations, campaigns, protests, vigils, conferences, galas, VegFests and restaurants, bringing the world crucial information ignored by advertiser based mainstream media.

The JaneUnChained Team:


JaneUnChained Founder & Managing Editor:  Jane Velez-Mitchell  is nationally known TV journalist and best-selling author. Winner of four Genesis awards from the Humane Society of the United States, Jane Velez-Mitchell covers crimes against people, animals, and the environment.  She is known for speaking up for the voiceless!  For a full bio for Jane Velez-Mitchell please click here.


Social Media Director, Video Editor, Videographer, and Graphic Designer for JaneUnchained:  Donna Dennison is a photographer, and a visual designer/content developer in advertising. She also has a groovy blog called That Snarky Vegan Girl  & is very active on her FB page facebook.com/ThatSnarkyVeganGirl.


JaneUnChained Contributor :  Donny Moss is a NYC-based animal rights activist. In 2008, Moss made the award-winning film BLINDERS that documents NYC’s controversial horse-drawn carriage trade.

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JaneUnChained Contributor:  Lisa Karlan is a Heath Educator and Nutrition Consultant. With a background in public health, nursing and plant-based nutrition, she teaches others how to make informed, compassionate and sustainable choices for food, clothing and product use.

Lisa is a certified Food for Life Instructor, with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) who teaches the public and healthcare professionals about the practice of plant-based nutrition using cooking demonstrations as a teaching tool.


JaneUnChained Reporter/Videographer:  Gwenna Hunter is the founder of Vegans of LA, works for Vegan Outreach, and is a powerhouse social media communicator and connector.


JaneUnChained Contributor: Dani Rukin, kickass Life Purpose & Career Coach, is a passionate animal rights activist, inspiring others to connect with their compassion by speaking out for the most vulnerable among us. She also has a blog, The Daring Vegan. It’s about living a compassionate life. Dare to make a difference. 

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JaneUnChained Contributor/Booker for LunchBreakLIVE: Paige Parsons Roache loves giving individuals, restaurants and businesses the opportunity to shine and grow through promotion. Creator of VeganRamaMama, inspiring all things plant-based for your Mind+Body+Soul, Paige encourages all ages to EAT MORE GREENS AND USE MORE GREEN PRODUCTS. Her daughter went vegan at 13 to save animals, and 6 months later, after watching COWSPIRACY, Paige became an ECO-VEGAN force. A true connector at heart, she’ll be sure to introduce you to your next best conversation.

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JaneUnChained Contributor:  Fabienne Origer, vegan and activist for over 10 years, organizes the International Animal Rights Conference (IARC) which takes place every year in Luxembourg, Europe. She is also part of AGWC Rockin’ Rescue, a dog and cat rescue in Woodland Hills.


JaneUnChained Contributor:  Edita Birnkrant is the Executive Director of NYCLASS and has worked in the animal rights non-profit world for over 13 years. Edita has been vegan for over 17 years and is passionate about social justice, animal advocacy and environmental activism. www.NYCLASS.org


JaneUnChained Contributor & Associate Website Editor:  Jessica Steinberg is an activist, tastemaker, and chef, on a mission to show that veganism is the key to living your most fulfilling life at your highest potential. Through social media, writing, and public speaking, she hopes to inspire everyone to create their own unique version of a vegan lifestyle. She is known for her love of food, dogs, and the ocean, penchant for fancy events, and irreverent sense of humor.

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JaneUnChained Contributor: Maya Gottfried is the author of the IPPY Award-winning book Vegan Love: Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty-Free Gal (Skyhorse) and the children’s book Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary (Knopf). She has contributed to media outlets including the Forks Over Knives, VegNews, People, Kris Carr and Huffington Post websites, as well as Lilith magazine.

Gottfried also works as Senior PR Manager for an international nonprofit organization devoted to animals, volunteers for a local farm animal sanctuary, and has been vegan for more than a decade.


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For decades, animals have been waiting patiently in line behind other marginalized groups fighting for their own rights. With women, African Americans and LGBTs having achieved major successes in their respective battles for equality and social justice, the nation is shifting its attention to the most marginalized and mistreated group of all — animals.  It is Their Turn.
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Plant Based News is a top resource for the latest up-to-the minute plant-based-interest content. It is stuffed with news, blogs, reviews, and more to create awareness about animal rights, environmentalism, ethical consumerism and the plant-based lifestyle. Not a false narrative – but information that empowers people to make better choices. Whether you’re interested in health, the environment, or video interviews with the biggest names in the vegan world, you will definitely find something to entertain or inspire you. Plant Based News was founded and is led by two amazing British activists: Klaus Mitchell and Robbie Lockie.
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World Animal News was founded in 2013 by Model/Actress turned Philanthropist/Filmmaker Katie Cleary and is among the world’s leaders in news and information for animals around the globe. Located in Los Angeles, California we strive on bring you round the world breaking animal news as it happens. The site is updated everyday to keep you informed on how you can raise awareness and help save animals in your area. World Animals News focuses to increase awareness by educating the public to help protect and save wild, domestic and endangered species through our informative stories and action alerts.

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Compassion Champs seeks to educate audiences worldwide on the immense, widespread suffering of animals every year in our industrial food industry. We encourage a planet-friendly, health-centered and compassionate way of eating. Our goal is to create a global movement of athletes, champions and visionaries who believe compassion can coexist with their nutrition plan. We seek to inspire the next generation of Compassionate Champions to embrace the core values of mercy, kindness and empathy toward all living beings.