JaneUnChained was live on Sunday night at the pig vigil bearing witness with Los Angeles Animal Save, at a slaughterhouse just south of Los Angeles, California. Tonight, 6 month old pigs will be mercilessly slaughtered for bacon, ham, hot dogs, baby back ribs and other pig products.


The JaneUnChained Team was in Berkeley, California at the Animal Liberation Conference as more than 1,000 animal activists converged to demand and stop the killing of 56 billion land animals every year.  The annual conference has expanded as more people who are vegan have become activists for the animal rights movement.

#LunchBreakLIVE at the Center for Biological Diversity in LA! Climate Campaign Director Candice Kim whips up an El Jefe SouthWest Salad, all plant-based and delicious as we talk about the disastrous environmental impact of meat! Kim also tells us about the center’s study on the horrific impact a wall with the Mexican border would have on wildlife.

Making Perfecto Potato Onion Mushroom soup with an amazing trio of activists in Los Angeles, California with the […]

At Suncafe Organic, twice rated one of the 10 best restaurants in Los Angeles by OpenTable (out of […]

Jane Velez-Mitchell of JaneUnChained.com is speaking  at the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)‘s Animal Rights 2017 National Conference discussing how […]